1. Background

Famous Huatsing University locates in a valley far away from the town. It is difficult for the students to go shopping, who have to take the bus for about an hour to go to the supermarket. As one of the central nodes of Internet of China, Huatsing University has high speed broadband. The students can use the Internet from dormitory and lab.

One company looks this as a good business opportunity. It contacts with the University to develop an online supermarket and deliver goods to the campus three times every day. The University also regards this as a good idea and signs an agreement.

2. Software Functions

  1. Web access, supporting multiple navigators such as IE, Fireforx, ...
  2. Inventory management
  3. Catalogue management
  4. Order submission and cancelation
  5. Order picking Management
  6. Delivery management
  7. Order tracking
  8. Sales statistics and reports
  9. User bonus points management
  10. Big customer management (the big customers include departments and university agencies, who can bill every month, and have discounts)

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